Our team all express their true passion for food through our menu and dishes we serve. From fresh, locally caught seafood, to Northumbrian meats our menu has dishes for everyone. Our stone walls, open kitchen help add atmosphere and our cavallo di battaglia is the traditional  wood burning pizza oven where all of our al forno dishes & hand made pizzas are cooked. 




Our chefs have a passion for food and create marvels in our open kitchen. We aim to prodive guests with the complete gastronmic experience, in accordance to the traditions of this house. Our Restaurant is full of character, which influences our food to make it, even more mouth-watering good. The dishes served showcase not only our passion for food but our sustainale roots in the local area. We use meat from Longframlington, local fruit and vegetable suppliers and our seafood is still wet from the ocean. 




Pizza is a favourite at Italia Alnmouth. Our home made dough is hand rolled and made to order. We cook our pizzas in a traditional Italian wood burning oven, fired at

400-500 degrees C.

Our oven is a symbol of our company and stands proud in the middle of our floor so all guests can see the flames dance and your pizza cook. 



The village of Alnmouth is, as the named suggests, on the mouth of the River Aln and where it meets the North Sea. We use locally caught wild fish in our dishes. Our supplier uses traditional meathods to land his fish which is sustainable to the local area. We prepare all fish onsite, from filleting Seabass to hand picking fresh Boulmer Crab.

Our sea food platter are an extravaganzer not to be missed by the seafood lovers among you. Local Lobster and Crab, Smoked salmon, oysters, mussels and more sea going creatures feature in our famous platters. 


If you would like to reserve a table or ask a question, please call us: 01665 830 837